Ports and Railroads

All areas of the transport sector, including Ports and Railroads, are subject to high levels of security threat. For use in these applications, in addition to compliance with high security standards and full operational capacity even in conditions of high transit flow, the detectors must be particularly compact, to allow them to be moved easily, …

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Cruise Lines

Metal Detectors employed on board cruise ships are subjected to frequent movement at the beginning and end of boarding operations.CEIA offers metal detector models particularly suited to this type of application, which combine an elegant design with robust, lightweight and compact construction.These cruise line metal detectors are designed for high transit flow-rates and possess high …

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The transport security sector is characterized by a high flow-rate of passengers. The Metal Detectors employed in this particular sector therefore have to guarantee the security required by the competent authorities and at the same time provide the highest possible transit flow-rate. Walk-Through Metal Detectors HI-PE Multi Zone HI-PE Plus SMD600 Plus PMD2 Plus Hand …

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